Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Things About Miss V

Men sometimes feel they know segalnya about sex. They seemed to understand how to make their partner excited and really understand about the anatomy of the female body.

But perhaps eight things about Miss V The following is not a man to know, including your own:

1. Got Vagina Natural Cleaners
Female genitalia have the ability to cleanse itself naturally. So you the woman does not need to douche the vagina clean by spraying water into inside, clean with scented soap or spray cleaner.

Miss V has a natural mechanism for cleaning through the fluid produced in small quantities every day. The cleaning process is assisted by komensal bacteria (bacteria that are living in the vagina) that keep the vagina from other bacterial infections.

2. Orgasm = Most Powerful Pain Relief
Reported by iVillage, if on one occasion you are complaining of headaches and refused to have sex, think again. According to experts, the most powerful orgasm drug precisely to heal the pain. So make sure your partner can give during lovemaking. If not, you have to try to reach orgasm.

Endoprhin hormone the body releases during sex. These hormones have effects such as morphine and increase endurance to pain.

3. Not Only G-Spot
G-spot becomes an important point if women want to get a great orgasm. But actually there is another spot called the A-spot. The area was as effective as G-spot if you want to give her climax.

A-spot is located deeper than the g-spot (located right in front of the uterus). When couples want to stimulate the A-spot, make sure there is enough lubrication because otherwise it will feel sore and uncomfortable.

4. You Are What You Eat
A healthy vagina has a distinctive odor, but not too sharp. Miss V is already infected with the bacteria usually will smell sharp. However, not all strange-smelling Vagina infected.

The food you eat can affect the smell and taste of Miss V. For example, if you eat lots of pineapple and sweet fruit, Miss V will taste and smell sweet. Meanwhile, when eating vegetables such as cabbage and asparagus, Miss V will be more flavorful.

5. Women Can Ejaculation
Some people argue, issued caira female ejaculation is not really a fluid ejaculate, but the urine. But researchers have found that women are able to produce quite a lot of fluids during ejaculation. According to researchers, female ejaculation fluid component is different from urine components.

6. Miss V Could Be Longer
How long Vagina vary in every woman. Some women have a small vagina with a short canal. While other women have a long vagina.

Launched askdanandjennifer, Miss V could be much longer when she feels passionate. Vagina long as women are not excited is 3-4 inches. But when excited, the length of time it could be two.

So for the men, make sure your partner before penetration do feel passionate about. Because if women are passionate, Mr. Happy can go deeper.

7. Sex Can Make Vagina Young & Healthy
Just like muscles, Miss V need to be trained and used or body parts may be weak and fragile. Usually Miss V will be weakened when a woman is menopausal or getting old. Existing network in the Miss V will become thinner and eventually brittle. Making love regularly can make Miss V remain in good condition.

8. Miss V Very Strong Muscles
All women have the ability to use their vagina muscles or commonly known as the PC muscle during sex. These muscles you normally use when stopping urine when you urinate.

Vagina Muscles can be strengthened with Kegel exercise routine. You certainly never thought how powerful muscle Miss V, if diligently trained. According to records, Miss V's strongest record in the world held by a Russian woman. The woman could be carrying over 14 kg with her vagina muscles.