Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol...Scotty McCreery avoids blogs! Steve Tyler wowed fans!

In the aftermath of his astounding big win last night, Scotty McCreery found himself trotted around the show-biz-circuit today.

Ah, the toast of LA LA LAND!

The country-western star wannabee was everywhere! everywhere! everywhere!

But, don't expect Scotty to cruise the Internet soon, or check out what any bloggers have to say about his appearances on American Idol.

The kid with a twang in his voice has sworn off the blogosphere for his own reasons.

"On the Internet, they love you or they hate you," he solemnly quipped to one interviewer this morning, with a bit of a bad taste in his mouth.

So, he's putting his blinders on, and focusing on the kudos and crush of loving die-hard fans!

Meanwhile, last night's closing segment of American Idol generated a big buzz on major sites - and local news programs - bright-and-early this morning.

Some quipped that nobody but God could hit that high note that Steve Tyler managed to pull off - with little aplomb - to the stunned amazement of everyone in attendance and tuning in from the comfort of their homes.

Just how tight did his pants have to be to accomplish that feat, I wonder?

One anchor on Fox News in Vegas joked that when Jennifer Lopez was gracing the stage with her "ass" shimmy - that the foundations of the sound stage must have been rocking back-and-forth.

Just betcha that little maneuver - which she had obviously been practicing at home in front of a mirror - kept the pounds from taking their toll on her best ass-et in recent weeks.

Jennifer put slutty pole-dancers to shame!

Shake that booty, honey!

Lady GaGa was a knock-out when she - not only rocked on the stage - but engaged in sensual hanky-panky with a sexy young stud.

When they took the splash, well, it was symbolic - wasn't it?

Meanwhile, I can't fathom all the interest in what's-her-name, that came second.

She sure looks chunky to moi!

In spite of a smattering of juicy kisses planted on Scott McCreery'x face last night, the winsome twosome swear that they have no inclination to jump in-between-the-sheets.

Seems that Scotty has his mom on his mind a lot, so you figure it out!

Needless to say, the final episode was a smash success from a ratings point out view.


Viewer turn-out went through the roof.

Now, as the kids go out on tour, the producers gear up for season 11 (!) which starts up in about-a-month.

Break a leg, kids!