Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol...Scotty McCreery edges out Lauren Alaina! Viewers pick snubbed by Country!

After all the stops were pulled out, Scotty McCreery - the western-style contestant - finally inched ahead of his competition (songbird Lauren Alaina) in a competition that was the most nerve-wracking yet on American Idol since its inception.

But, the spoils are a bit bittersweet for the hick from the sticks.

As Mr. McCreery looks toward future career prospects, one in the realm of the coveted Country-Western scene may be elusive, if the reports are true.

On the heels of his win, for example, scuttlebutt has been circulating in some circles that Scotty - likable down-to-earth aw-shucks kid that he is - may get a royal snub from die-hard Country-Western aficionados who view the Idol-winner with a bit of a squinty -eye.

In fact, Stark Radio just broadcast a report alleging that country radio programmers have already written the American Idol winner off.

Copycat versions of other folk's songs - karaoke-style - may not cut it with dudes and dudettes who are dead-serious about their roots, their music influences, and an ethic that they live by.

The competition was a close-call, needless to say.

When Lauren suffered a vocal discord (!) this week, it looked like the young hopefuls final bid was kaput, or paving the way for a contestant to step in from-the-wings to take up the task of beating the popular home boy.

But, Lauren managed to pull up her stockings - and in true show-biz style -  followed a golden Hollywood tradition that the show must go on.

In spite of the setback, many viewers thought her final performance this week, beat Scotty hands-down.

Though not a great singer, some have conceded - especially in the wake of Lauren's bouts of nervousness when it came time to perform live in front of an audience - that Scotty was the best all-round performer.

He nabbed it, not because of his voice per se, but for his showmanship in the final analysis.

Many fans actually thought Lauren fared better than Scotty on Tuesday's final showdown.

Go figure!
It will be intriguing to see what is ahead for both young talents.

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