Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger...acting career on hold! Maria Shriver hires divorce attorney!

In the wake of the scandal which has rocked Hollywood - who knew? - Arnold Schwarzenegger has just announced through his agent that the former Governor has nixed his plans to return to movie acting to deal with some personal issues.

You don't say!

In recent days, Schwarzenegger was also excited about an animated series about to launch - known as the Governator - but inside sources have confided that those plans are on hold at the moment, too.

Meanwhile, word out of Maria Shriver's camp is that the celebrated journalist (a member of the well-known "Royal" Kennedy clan) has signed on a high-powered divorce attorney to represent her interests in what now appears to be a vigorous fight over the couple's assets.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

In addition, some State Authorities are questioning whether Schwarzenegger used State funds to pay for security details for his "extended" family, while he was Governor of California.

You know what the say.

In the past twenty-four hours the shit has really hit the fan as the dust continues to stir up on the heels of revelations about the love-child scandal now plaguing the Austrian-born actor.

News at 11!

Images circulating Internet in wake of scandal!