Friday, May 13, 2011

The Big Lebowski...podcast commentary track feature! Fans catch the wave!

My pals at the Big Lebowski podcast site were in touch yesterday to inform me that now - after 4 years of struggling with the idea of installing a "commentary" track - the webmasters have accomplished the feat!

"The Coen Brothers were not big into DVD extras and special features or even commentary featuring tracks with industry insiders such as directors, editors, crew members, cinematographers, whomever," according to Chalupa, one of the developers at the Big Lebowski podcast site.

After scouring the Internet for novel tools to facilitate their end goal, they came away empty-handed.

So, Chalupa, Larry (a local film critic), and Mike (a film podcaster) laid down a commentary track piece-meal, after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears were shed (no doubt).

"We did this all in one take with zero edits, other than to chop a little off the beginning and the end. This is made with the idea you will either synchronize this track with the DVD - or mute your TV while listening - Chapula proudly noted in his e-mail communication to moi!

You can find the track in a few ways:

*Stream it from the episode listing page by clicking on this link:

*Download it from the RSS feed and play it off a computer or other device

In the alternative, Chapula and the boys offer up this suggestion:

*Somehow break the DVD encryption & add our lovely voices as a "real" commentary track to your newly created DVD of The Big Lebowski.

They're pretty sure the latter approach is illegal (they joke in jest?).

By the way, the Big Lebowski boys are hoping you'll contribute notes in the way of feedback, etc.

See 'ya at the podcast site, eh?

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