Monday, May 23, 2011

Billboard Music Awards...Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift fashion hits! Justin Bieber a lounge lizard!

Not to be outdone by their jaded older contemporaries - who tend to be fashion-wise and red carpet savvy - a rambunctious bevy of Pop stars trotted into the limelight at the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend bent on cutting a fine swath

As usual, there were a few stylish hits - Selena Gomex wowed, for instance -  but, more often than not - fashion vicitms stumbled into the glare of the make ghastly glitzy-looking fools of themselves.

Selena Gomex definitely stole the spotlight in a flattering black peek-a-boo cocktail dress (a creation by the house of Dolce & Gabbana) that some jealous old hags felt was a bit "too mature" for the innocent young teen to pull off.

Oh, pooh!

In contrast, the pretty beauty's steady boy-pal - Justin Bieber - splashed into the spotlight in a gold jacket and matching ensemble which screamed lounge lizard.

Was Justin taking a poke at Vegas crooners (his plight ten years down the road) or has his "mentor" (who shall remain nameless) been leading him down the ominous Sin City path?

 What did you think, Jay-Z?

In contrast, Keith Urban was so low-key (in a grey suit sans tie) that he bordered on boring.

Where was that tight perky ass that turns his fans on?
Meanwhile, dotting wife - Nicole Kidman - selected a floor-length gown which proved to be understated and elegant.

Tattler readers may recall that Ms. Kidman has made it on my Best Dressed Women's list in the past.

Post: 12/28/2008

Kelly Rowland chose "revealing" and "sexy" as the tag words for her outfit and came out a winner.

One of the fashion disasters of the night was tossed on (literally) by a styless Ke$ha who was more of a bump-and-a-grind in the sparkly purple number she chose than a fashion plate
Fergie's structured Herve Leger dress left alot to be desired in these quarters.

At this juncture, iit's mportant to offer up a fashion memo.

Dress according to body-type!

This advice may go a long way with Taboo - who looked downright silly - in his Capri pants and leather vest.
Nicki Minaj's baby blue jumpsuit - carelessly sprinkled with cheap sequins here-and-there - was god-awful (to say the least).

Rihanna strutted the carpet in a white Max Azria suit which appeared stuffy on her somehow. The pop star is lacking in taste in the accessory department, too.

Beyonce chose basic black, which lacked pizazz, to moi!

Striking a romantic pose, Taylor Swift got nods fof approval from Fashionistas for her tasteful Elle Saab gown, which was highlighted by a "do" that resonated with the "look".

A true glam Queen, for sure.

Jake Hyllenhaal eat your heart out!

The rest of the attendees chewed up the carpet, but failed to score big time when it came to memorable moments at the Annual Billboard Music Awards, in 2011.

"Til next year!