Monday, May 23, 2011


My plan was to get some better photos from outside, of crowds gathered in front of the theatre, etc., but that never happened. And that’s because once I went into the BCA and entered the magic of BTM13, I didn’t come out again until the after-party was winding down.

I sat, with my friend [and BTM super-fan] Pat Gabridge and his daughter Kira, and watched the entire Marathon. (And I recommend that anyone who loves the BTM – as I so unabashedly do – do this at least once.) But “watched” is such a puny word to describe what it was to be there, because to see ten hours of theatre like that is to witness a miracle – a miracle of words and performance, of collaboration, of community. The day had more "moments" than I could possibly list, both onstage and off.

My friend Bob [Murphy, who graced the stage three times yesterday] asked me how I felt by the end. I said, “Humbled!” to experience such amazing work on that grand a scale. And awed. And so very happy to be even a tiny part of it all.