Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrity cookbooks

Celebrity cookbooks
Celebrity cookbooks. Some actors cross over to become singers, some singers cross over to be actors, but can actors and singers cross over to be chefs? A “Desperate Housewife” is trying to cash in on the foodie craze with her new cookbook. See which other celebrities have whipped up culinary tales.

Eva Longoria

On the heels of a divorce from this basketball star, the actress and restaurant owner is branching out as a chef. Her new cookbook combines family recipes and techniques from her travels.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This Academy Award-winning actress shares recipes and stories inspired by her late director/producer father. Recipes include healthy cooking for her family, including her rocker husband, and how to cook with love.

Ted Nugent

The “Motor City Madman” rocker has a passion for more than music. He’s an avid hunter and has crafted a cookbook on how to cook up a recent kill.

Victoria Gotti

The daughter of a famous mobster, shares Italian recipes in her cookbook that brings the family together. The book also gives tips on entertaining and how to prepare a traditional Italian Sunday dinner.

Desperate Housewives

The women of Wisteria Lane get in the kitchen with recipes inspired by the character’s  home life and style. Expect quick recipes from Lynette, simple recipes from Susan and gourmet dinners from Bree


Taken from his web show “Cookin with Coolio”, the 90’s rapper puts his recipes into an unconventional cookbook. Learn how to make “Bro-Ghetti,”  “Cold Shrimpin,’” and other recipes.

Amy Sedaris

A tip for this entertaining guide and cookbook is not taking it seriously. Written by the actress, writer and comedian it’s a spin on Martha Stewart-types and brings hospitality tips to the average person.

Miss Piggy

The Muppet diva calls on a few of her celebrity friends including a funny woman, a dancing 70’s star, and a late screen legend, for recipes in her cookbook. Wonder if any dare to include a pork recipe.

Emilio and Gloria Estefan

The Cuban-American music duo, married for over 30 years, has put together a book of authentic recipes from Cuba. Cue up one of Gloria’s songs and dabble with the recipes for a Cuban flavor.

Tammy Wynette

The late country-music queen  channeled her country roots in a cookbook of Southern-inspired recipes. Released before another popular southern chef cornered the southern cooking market, the book stands by her family’s history of cooking.

Trisha Yearwood

The country-music singer recently released her second cookbook of family recipes from a southern upbringing. She also gets a helping hand from her famous country singing husband and shares a few of his favorite recipes.
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