Friday, May 13, 2011

Chaz Bono...fesses up he's a man inside woman's body! Gender Bender show ground-breaking!

Dave Letterman focused on a gender bender, the audience sat riveted in their seats stunned by the revelations, and Chaz Bono accused her body of betrayal.


You had doubts about your sexuality identity, too?

For those of you Dudes who swear that you have been a man trapped in a woman’s body – for half your life – there is hope!

And, a little sexual satisfaction on the horizon, too.

More importantly, it’s okay to be a girly man.

Just ask former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Heh, is that why the terminator split with his wife this past week?

Just kidding.


All kidding aside, congrats to Dave for offering up a golden opportunity for Chaz Bono to openly discuss his side of things, from a distinct male point of view.

Say what?

In case you were kidnapped by aliens, and out of the loop for the past week or two, I’ll bring you up to speed.

Although Cher’s former daughter Chastity legally-changed her name to reflect a sexual identity change many moons ago, it wasn’t until just recently that Chaz elected to take the final plunge.


After a bit of psychological counseling, a lethal dose of hormones, and a smidgen of precise body sculpting, Chaz transitioned from a healthy female specimen to that of a cocky young stud on the sexual prowl.

“Did you mother suspect anything was going on,” Dave quipped, to gales of laughter from the studio audience.

The subject was a delicate one, so a levity (a truckload of it) went a long way to bolster Mr. Bono’s swagger – and ultimately engender - a confident turn down a road less travelled to the delight of Dave who was intrigued to say the least.

In fact, if Dave was confused about sexual relationship issues before the lights went up in the Ed Sullivan Theatre, he was probably less so today in spades, thanks to Chaz Bono’s man-to-man shock jock talk.

After all, the candid spot was not only a revelation - but – an educational one also.

According to statistics at least ten percent of the population is homosexual.

At a minimum, the ratings must have reflected that many hits at least at the witching hour last night (just betcha).

I expect that a curious America also tuned in, as well, if only to take a gander at “what’s become” of the lone daughter of a popular U.S. Music brand by the name of Cher.

For starters, Chaz has become a poster-child for the gay community.

“There are two components to contend with,” Chad underscored to Dave.

“The issues are sexuality and gender.”

Physical body and mind are at the forefront of the issue Bono stated matter-of-fact from the offset of the in-depth thought-provoking chat fest.

Dave sat up and took notice, for sure.

“Transgender individuals are lumped under the Gay & Lesbian Umbrella. Is it a good fit,” Dave probed from his easy chair on the podium.

For now,” Chaz acknowledged in so many words.

Aren’t they one and the same?


And, that was the problem that Chaz was forced to grapple with from an early age.

“I was born in a boy’s body,” Bono asserted without blinking-an-eye as the audience tuned in all ears.

“Up until age twelve or thirteen, since there wasn’t much difference between boys and girls, it didn’t really pose a problem. But, when puberty came along, I became painfully aware that the feeling I was experiencing was not normal.”

When Dave quizzed Chaz further about the yearning to transition from unfilled woman into sexually satisfied male animal, Cher’s son was pretty upfront and responded with rapid-fire no-holds-barred insights that resonated.

I half-expected Chaz to crack open a brewski, loosen his tie, and bark out his opinion man-style.

“Fuck ‘em!”

But, the transition wasn’t easy, and certainly nothing to crow about early on.

Surprisingly, when the interview headed in a highly-personal direction, there weren't any pregnant moments prompting Dave to hide under the carpet for putting one heel in his mouth.

For example, in a bold-faced effort to turn the issues inside out to better shed light and understand them from within, Dave took a curious line of questioning to ferret out answers to nagging questions viewers must have been asking at home.

“If I was a man attracted solely to women sexually, and felt like I was a woman trapped in a man’s body one day out-of-the-blue, would I suddenly be labeled a lesbian?”

In response, Chaz noted that whatever sex an individual was attracted to before a physical body transformation takes place, their preference would remain the same.

That was a crisis that Chaz had to deal with - which eventually prompted Chaz to undergo surgery - to become a man physically (mind, body, and soul).

“I was attracted to women. Because I was a woman physically, I was perceived as a lesbian. In fact, I was a male trapped in a woman’s body who preferred to experience women in a heterosexual way,” Chaz struggled to explain to Dave.

Got that?

Now Chaz is a hot-blooded heterosexual, if you’re to believe his theories and back-up arguments, in support of a highly controversial (provocative) sexual identity issue.

For me, Chaz’s current incarnation epitomizes the persona of a gay male – physically and in mannerisms, for starters– so unlike the dyke image I once held in my mind’s eye until recently.

The fact that Chaz’s current girlfriend is bisexual – tosses an intriguing monkey wrench - into the scenario.

There were moments when Chaz also attempted to transform Dave a tad.

“Homosexual is an old term. The community refers to same-sex relationships and transgender ones as gay,” Chaz chastised Dave who was in the dark until now.

Bono referred to her situation as a "condition" which prompted Dave to probe further with a gleam in his eye.

If you took a magic pill, is it possible to be cured, he quizzed half-jokingly?

Chaz responded emphatically in the negative.

To me, an individual – either male or female – is cured when at long last they are comfortable in their own skin.