Thursday, May 5, 2011

Donald Rumsfeld...Yankee pronunciation of Osama bin Laden's name a hoot!

I LOL this afternoon when I stumbled upon a heated discussion Donald Rumsfeld was engaged in with a top news anchor at a major network in which the tight-assed politician referred to a certain felled terrorist as Osama bin Lay-den!

In fact, Rumsfeld's off-the-wall (hayseed) pronunciation of the former al Qaeda leader's name was downright hilarious.

Don't educated folks usually refer to the former head of the al Qaeda as Osama bin Lah-den?

Was the mispronunciation a deliberate effort to insult the slain terrorist?

The glaring gaffe triggered memories from the past.

Years ago, a friend of mine in London (England), invited me to sit it on auditions for an overseas production of the musical "Chicago" he was financing.

Whenever an actor strode up on the stage to cold read for the part of an American character - invariably - he or she would effect a flat nasal accent to win over the director.

The Yankee persona is so indelibly etched on the psyche of foreigners around the world, that it is a difficult image to overcome on the world stage.

Individuals like Donald Rumsfield unwittingly perpetuate that myth whenever they open their yaps.

I sincerely doubt that President Obama would ever make such a slip-of-the-tongue.

Unless, there is a open mike at a press conference, he is unaware of!

Osama bin Laden a Muslim Christ?