Thursday, May 19, 2011

Entertainment Tonight...Mark Steines hunk dances! Mary Hart's send-off celebration!

If you've been channel-surfing this past week, then you've obviously been assaulted with a myriad of blurbs announcing Mary Hart will host her last segment of Entertainment Tonight tomorrow evening.

Today, I bolted upright when I caught sight of host - Mark Steines - dancing up a storm in a sneak preview of the big celebrations which will feature Mary's co-workers on the podium over the years at the highly-rated Entertainment tabloid-style show.

What a hunk!
In the event Ms. Hart is not your cup of tea (years ago one viewer actually tried to sue Ms. Hart and Entertainment Tonight on the grounds that her voice ricocheting over the airwaves each night grated on their nerves) then tune in to catch Steines.

In addition to being a smooth dancer capable of shaking his booty with the best of them, Steines is also a snappy dresser worth emulating, dudes..

Readers may recall that Mark was named on my 10 Best-Dressed Men list for 2010.

Post: 01/01/2011

Catch the memorable show if you can!

Mary, good luck with your new endeavours!