Thursday, May 26, 2011

Expedia...implied threats! Demands I modify & change post! No way, Jose!

A few days ago, I published a post in which I noted that Expedia and a handful of hotels in the Las Vegas area were not fully disclosing deposit requirements, applicable surcharges - such as questionable resort fees that are often not revealed by Hotels in Vegas 'til check out - and business practices that are deceptive in nature and rise to the level of fraud in my own humble opinion.

Post: 05/24/2011

As my readers at the Tattler are keenly aware, I stand by all features that I author at this site.

As far as I am concerned, the details in the aforementioned post are true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.

Curiously, this morning I received an e-mail from an individual identifying themselves as Director of Sales at Expedia, who issued forth a demand that I modify and change the statements in my post on the grounds that comments were "libellous" in nature.

In addition, the rep from Expedia requested the name of the guests making the accusations, as well.

I laughed out loud in response.

I fired back an e-mail in which I noted that I had first-hand knowledge that the information was true and correct, and that therefore, there would not be any modification or change made to the post.

In response, the individual demanded copies of the documents I have in my possession, which are evidential in nature and establish the truthfulness of my claims.

Does Expedia think I was born yesterday?

I quickly noted that the documents would be available in the discovery process in a legal proceeding, and that I did not intend to acknowledge any further communications, so silly were their overtures.

I studied Law, so if they think they can hoodwink me, they are sorely mistaken.

Stay posted for the fireworks!