Saturday, May 14, 2011

fright night trailer

fright night trailer
Fright Night is one movie that is on our 2011 summer movie slate with several big fat question marks next to it. The original 1980s version - about a geek who discovers his next door neighbor is a vampire – is considered a cult-classic, in large part because of a great mix of horror and comedy.

However, in the age where every other movie wants to go “Dark Knight” on us (i.e., darker and edgier) one of those aforementioned question marks next to this new version of Fright Night is whether or not director Craig Gillespie will honor the comedy/horror balance of the original.

Today, with the first trailer for the new Fright Night we have an early estimate in regards to that question: this remake looks to be going for more of an action/thriller vibe, with the comedic elements toned way down (at least as far as we can judge from the trailer).

Also, the fact that the film is (literally) going to be coming at us in “Real 3D” means that the dreaded “tinted colors” issue will be rearing its head yet again (see: Thor for a recent example). In a movie where a lot of the story has to take place at night, murky tones suddenly become an even bigger worry, to say the least.