Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Great American Celebrities Who Quit Smoking

The Great American Celebrities Who Quit Smoking
This nonprofit organization urges smokers in America to quit the habit for 24 hours each November. A state chapter held the first smokeout and reportedly got 1 million people to quit for the day. Check out the celebrities who have gone nicotine free.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
This Oscar-winning actress started smoking quite young, and she explains her motive for quitting.

John Mellencamp
This Midwest-born rocker, who had a smoking-related aliment, has struggled to quit. His son started this social media campaign

Whoopi Goldberg
The daytime TV host decided to quit smoking in this fashion nearly three years ago, offering her take on kicking the butts.

Matt Damon
This A-list Hollywood actor used another method to stop smoking, and his longtime buddy did the same.

Gisele B√ľndchen
This Brazilian-born supermodel, who is married to a superstar, stopped smoking, and she encountered a side effect.

Christy Turlington
This former supermodel decided to kick the habit after she was diagnosed with a smoking-related disease.

Susan Sarandon
Although her split with this actor grabs the headlines, this Oscar-winner says her decision to stop smoking is part of the reason for one of her best features.

Vince Vaughn
The Hollywood actor says took up smoking because he wanted to be “more authentic,” but he decided to kick the habit a hard way.

Kelly Ripa
The daytime TV co-host credits a co-star with helping her kick her undercover smoking habit a second time and replacing the habit with a healthier addiction. She initially stopped smoking when her family started growing.

Jennifer Aniston
The Hollywood actress blames an ex-boyfriend for her difficulties giving up nicotine, but she finally was able to stop by using a Hindu discipline.

Charlize Theron
The actress born in South Africa says she struggled for years with her nicotine habit before using this approach to quit. But she credit smoking with having an effect on her career.

Jon Stewart
“The Daily Show” host started smoking at this point in his life and continued the habit a couple decades, using a vending machine to satisfy his nicotine cravings.

Courteney Cox
The actress’ split from her husband might be taking center stage, but back in happier times, they flew to Boston together to achieve their goal.

Sir Anthony Hopkins
The Welsh-born actor quit smoking years ago following using an expert’s method, although he continued to puff away on onscreen, including in this award-winning role.

Yul Brynner
This Hollywood legend, famous for these two roles, made one of the most poignant anti-smoking arguments  shortly before he died of lung cancer.