Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guess who's praising Obama?

 Guess who's praising Obama?

Just days before leaving office, American President George W Bush has revealed that he not only likes Barack Obama but is also impressed by the US President-elect's Cabinet picks.

"I liked him (Obama). Listen, the man's obviously a charismatic person... and the man is able to persuade people that they should trust him. And he's got -- he's got something -- he's got a lot going for him," Bush told Fox News Sunday.

Bush, who is to step down on January 20, praised Obama not only for placing a high priority on his own family but for handling his transition to the White House as well.

Moreover, according to the outgoing President, Obama had "showed decisiveness" in his choices and "picked people that are capable and competent" to help him run the country.

"I've been impressed. He showed decisiveness. He has picked people that are capable and competent people. And I think he's had a very good transition.

"And frankly, I think Josh Bolten, my Chief of Staff, and the people that work here in the White House have also had a good transition because they have reached out to President- elect's team at all levels," Bush said.

Asked specifically about Obama's controversial pick of Leon Panetta to lead the CIA, Bush said: "I really don't feel comfortable commenting upon President-Elect Obama's supposed choices, in this case.

"My only advice would be to recognise that the CIA is full of incredibly bright, hardworking, decent professionals who have got one thing in mind, and that is to serve the United States."