Friday, May 27, 2011

Hal Sparks...Icons Comedy Series @ The Hilton! Las Vegas!

Next to "Brian" on Queer as Folk, Hal Sparks portrayed my second-favorite character on the scintillating
no-holds barred cable television series which zeroed in on the gay subculture in America (shot in my hometown of Toronto, of course) warts-and-all.

Some gay activists protested against the long-running "adult gay soap opera" because it tended to put a searing spotlight on gay taboos which folks in Hollywood were trying to "whitewash" in a bold-faced effort to create a better image of homosexuals to the American viewing public.

Only positive healthy gay images, please!

Oh, tough titty, I say!

Like it or not, just like in the heterosexual world, there is a lot of preoccupation with SEX in daily life - and getting down-and-dirty in pursuit of it - is natural and healthy.

Why try to hide it?

We're all human after-all with animal instincts that need to be satiated.

To balance that out, however, the producers often focused on important gay issues as well - such as drug addiction, A.I.D.S., police brutality against gays - you name it!

At times, Queer as Folk, was a pretty thought-provoking controversial show!

I was sad when the cast and crew packed up and said adios!

Now Hal Sparks is appearing in Las Vegas at the Hilton Hotel lounge in the "Icons of Comedy Series".

Who knew?

His character on "Queer as Folk" was so sensitive and caring and - well - swishy!

On a talk show the other morning in Vegas it was evident to anyone watching that it was all an act.

The "real" Hal Sparks is quick-witted, acid-tongued, and in-your-face.

Is it just that he's getting older and more cynical, or was I blind to his true personality before?

It was a bit disappointing to hear him "take swipes" at people - because frankly - I didn't think he had it in him to be mean or heartless or cruel.

Oh well, maybe it's all an act - too!

Or, just maybe, he's been watching too much of Dennis Miller's segments on the nightly news hour!

For thirty bucks at the door, see what 'ya think, this weekend!

See 'ya there!