Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hollywood Inn Express...Motel twist on room service! Sex on demand!

More than free breakfast at Hollywood Inn Express!

After a strenuous few all-nighters reporting on the Royal Wedding, and scrambled for two days to stay on top of the breaking news about the Osama bin Laden stealth mission that resulted in the terrorist's death (?), I was finally too popped to participate.

So, I plopped down on the comfy king size bed at my Motel, and slipped off into dreamland.

Suddenly, as I lay deep in slumber, a disturbance shook me from my peaceful state..

As I started to reach waking consciousness, I glanced in the direction of the door, and was startled to spy a man standing there!

As I quickly collected my thoughts in a concerted effort to free a fog hanging over my head, the unidentified male proceeded to strike up a conversation.

"Did you want fresh towels?"


The male maid assigned to my Motel room just breezed in without knocking first.

I nodded in the affirmative as I proceeded to pull myself together

Within minutes, the Motel employee was back quizzing me once again.

"Are you single?"

Say what?

Not to be rude, I noted that I was.

But, it struck me a second later that I should not be having this bizarre dialogue with a total stranger hired to service the room, not me!

Before I could get my wits about me, the Latino male hit me with another question.


I quickly noted that I hadn't met the right person, then proceeded to wave him off.

"Thank you for the towels," I responded in a stem dismissive voice.

In all the years I have been a guest at Hotels, I've never experienced this kind of inappropriate intrusive conduct by a maid or any other employee.

I suppose it's to be expected at a Motel where graphic pornos are broadcast on the TV 24.7.

The fact that there wasn't any Gideon's Bible in the drawer  of the night desk should have tipped me off, too.

In the future, I guess I'll have to place the chain over the Motel room door before I take a nap, or at least double-latch it from inside to prevent unwanted advances from male (or female) maids.

I suppose if I post a review on Orbitz - with a detailed account of the incident - there will be a non-stop avalanche of bookings at the Motel

Don't forget your rubbers!

Coffee, tea, or me at Hollywood Inn!