Sunday, May 1, 2011

Julian Ayrs...Internet site Badoo pimping for me! Pays to Google yourself!


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What a hoot!

Today, I was searching the Internet, when I stumbled on a dating site that mentioned moi!

When I clicked on the link, I was magically whisked to a dating site, that hooks singles up.


The webmaster hi-jacked my photograph from MySpace and signed me up without my knowledge or permission.

Now, I am a sought-after bachelor in cruise mode on the world-wide-web, I guess.

The date meisters were even thoughtful enough to cast a wide hook out for me.

Apparently, I am seeking a female 31 - 50 years of age.

Yeah, luv those old cougars, dudes!

For good times and sizzling hot sex between-the-sheets I gather!

And, get this, there appears to be over 3 million members to choose from at the Badoo site!

If you want my stats, though - gee whiz - you're going to have to sign up for the "free"dating service.

Gosh, I feel like bait, a piece of meat!

A poster boy for forty-something studs on the prowl.

Well, good thing I was in a horny mood today - and chose to google myself - or I would never have clued into the fact that I am among the ranks of the most sought after commodity in the enterprising (and romantic) coupling trade.

Just betcha, a Royal betrothal is my cards, too!

For a "Best Man" - either Wills or randy Prince Harry - will do.

I wonder if I will get a percentage of the spoils, royalties, and that sort-of-thing?

Or, do I have to take it out in flesh, or by trade?

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