Friday, May 20, 2011

Lady Gaga...launches live! Concert series! Good Morning America Central Park series!

Good Morning America announced this past week amid a lot of fanfare that they are whipping up a summer concert series to be set in the picturesque climbs of Central Park.

The live! stage performances will feature headline acts such as Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Debbie Gibson  (to name a few).

Lady Gaga has snagged the top slot.

The Pop Diva (with Monsters in tow) will launch the eclectic pop music concerts on GMA.

Just when Lady Gaga appeared to be simmering on the back burner in pop circles - SHAZZAM - the talented songbird (who writes her own original material) rebounded out-of-the-blue and soared farther into the musical stratosphere.

Last week, for example, Lady Gaga mentored American Idol hopefuls as they trotted down the last lap of the highly-popular entertainment phenonemon on Fox TV.

Mewanwhile, the recent release of her new video - Judas - caused a controversy which erupted into a media storm around the country overnight.

At this juncture, the only medium that Lady Gaga hasn't conquered (yet!) is the realm of film.

Just betcha - a biopic, documentary, or thought-provoking narrative - is in the cards for the Queen of Pop.

My prediction?

Lady Ga may end up a legendary icon like screen siren Mae West.

Come up and see me sometime,  eh Lady?

The first GMA performanc – featuring the Mad Hatteress of Pop – is slated for May 27th!

See ‘ya there!