Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lady GaGa...pool party @ Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas! Go Go's at Mandalay Bay!


Lady GaGa has been swept up in a whirlwind of activity!

The other night she alighted in the hot seat next to Dave Letterman appearing for all-the-world like an exotic black-plummaged bird from some intriguing nether-world.beyond this dimension.

And, a stint on Saturday Night Live, revealed her humorous side with comic sidekick Justin Timberlake.

Who knew?

Last night, the Pop Diva also did an erotic turn with a male dancer in a captivating live performance on the final segment of American Idol, which literally stole the show out from under all the mega-talent who appeared on stage.

The Internet has been awash with every delicious sensual tidbit - and it's been enough to give rise to a boner - or two!

Now, the high-profile musical phenomenon is about to fly into Vegas and hold court at a pool party at the oh-so-chic Cosmopolitan Hotel tomorrow night in Las Vegas.

Fans may be thrilled to hear that a copy of her eclectic new album - Born this Way - will open the magic doors to the sizzling hot event  - so they can get an up-close gander at the object of their pop sensation desires!

Purchase of an album at the door will also get a nod from the doorman!

I expect there will be a lot of little monsters descending on the elegant new Hotel on the strip, which has been causing quite a stir with tourists and world travellers alike.

Personally, I love the trendy upscale hangout!

Meanwhile, with memorial day weekend about to kick off, a few of the other Hotels are trying to get in on all-the-action, too.

After all, it's been predicted that approximately 113,000 visitors are about to flock into the desert oasis - and hopefully - spend with gay abandon to the thrill of local businesses hungry for a surge in sales.

So, if Lady GaGa is not your idea of an night on-the-town, other popular acts are hankering for your attention.

The Go Go's,  for instance, will be taking the stage at Mandalay Bay tomorrow night.

And, Berlin will be appearing at the Freemont Experience, for free!

Needless to say, there may be a Hangover or 2 come Saturday morning.

By the way, the sequel has opened locally, so you may want to catch that flick this weekend if you're not into playing the slots, or rubbing elbows with celebrities at ultra chic Night Clubs along the Las Vegas strip.

The word from most movie-goers appears to be that Hangover 2 is not as good as the first, but, entertaining none-the-less.

This time out the storyline was set in Bangkok.

Even still, tourists have been calling Caesar's Hotel in Vegas to try and book the Hangover 2 suite, which doesn't actually exist (except n the minds of filmgoers who pine for a bit of real-time movie magic in their lives, too).

Catch 'ya around town this weekend, eh?