Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lady Gaga...shows tats on SNL & flair for comedy! Justin Timberlake comic timing!

When Lady GaGa sashayed on to the Saturday Night Live stage a few moments ago, outfitted as a bottle of wine in a hilarious supermarket sketch with Justin Timberlake playing a bottle of beer (Gosh, who writes this stuff, anyway?) it was obvious that the chanteuse's performance was not only pure Pop Diva - but something else - too.


Was the Queen of Pop poking fun at her own image?

The large cork on her head triggered a myriad of  hilarious punch lines in my mind, too.

Princess Beatrice eat your heart out!

In another skit - a spoof on a MTV-style music video - Lady GaGa took a wicked swipe at a bevy of Hollywood beauties and managed to expose the naughty underbelly of Hollywood, too.

In view of the fact media focus has been on a glut of infomercials clogging up the broadcast airwaves recently - the image of Suzanne Somers thrusting her sexy gams  skyward in a sleazy bedroom setting was bang on and resonated with a kernel of truth.

When it comes to social commentary, the Monster Queen is capable of hitting the bull's eye along with the best of 'em.

In a solo set, true to form, the songbird with the ruffled feathers did not disappoint fans when she strutted on stage in a black vinly outfit (oozing with a lot of sex appeal) teamed with knee-high boots and trended-setting streaked black "do".

A pie-wedge hat GaGa performed in at one point reminded me of a yummy dessert I hungrily gulped down at an upscale cafe at the St. Frnacis Hotel in San Francisco recently.


Surprisingly, Lady GaGa elected to flash a lot of boob, too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger must have been at home drooling in bed (among other things).

The male dancers got in on the act, too.

The talented back-up troupe dazzled in futuristic gladiator-style garb.

The hard rocking dudes gave Madonna's studs a run for their money, alright.

In sum, Lady GaGa made a startling breakthrough tonight - and at the same time - demonstraed a zany flair for comedy tonight.

Ms. GaGa's creative well, obviously, runs deep!

I expect fans and curiosity-seekers will be tuning in to Good Morning America next week to catch her live concert in Central Park.

See 'ya there!

I want your sexy Justin Timberlake!