Monday, May 23, 2011

Lady GaGa...slated for Dave Letterman tonight! Diva chats up BORN THIS WAY release!

For Lady GaGa - of late - it's been a non-stop swirl of frenzied show-biz trailblazing!

After a triumphant guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, the Pop Diva's sizzling hot new release - BORN THIS WAY - was unveiled on iTunes at midnight last night amidst a lot of fanfare.

The Queen of Pop's little Monsters will be thrilled to hear that the fabulous hit-maker and artist extraordinaire is slated to splash across television screens this evening at the witching hour on the ever-popular Dave Letterman Show!

The Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum selling pop star is making her first appearance on Dave's hot seat, and the much-anticipated interview is expected to be a ratings monster.

At Press time Dave's handlers confirmed that Lady Gaga is expected to sashay on to the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theatre and hunker down for a chat about her new album "Born This Way", her eye-popping fashion choices - and ultimately - reveal what life is like in the dizzying fast lane of the Pop stratosphere.

Catch it if you can!