Friday, May 27, 2011

Lindsay Lohan...ankle bracelet subject of jokes! "Mean Girls" star does time her way!

The latest joke flying around the broadcast airwaves can't help but crack 'ya up - or at least trigger a wee smile - given the circumstances.

Now that Ms. Lohan has chosen to "do her time" her way - and a monitoring device has been affixed to her elegant shapely foot - one can't help but wonder about one niggling issue.

Will the prosecutors ever be able to recovery the ankle bracelet - or will Lindsay make off with it - in the dead of night?


Actually, Ms. Lohan is paying for the cost of using the ankle bracelet for the next thirty-five days - or so - while she is under house-arrest at her beachside home.

Talk about cushy!

Sure beats hard time in the slammer, eh?

According to inside sources, Ms. Lohan entered the women's jail yesterday morning (Thursday) and proceeded to tie up all the loose ends, sign a few documents (correctly dated, I assume), and then proceeded to stretch out a long sexy leg so that a beefy female Sheriff could snap on a plain Jane ankle bracelet so that the long arm of the law could monitor her whereabouts for an exact amount of time determined by the court and Sheriff's Department.

God willing - her guests will take the utmost care when they pop in for a visit at her upscale digs - and endeavour not to spill any exotic cocktails on her foot.

Otherwise - ooops! - back to the big house she goes where nasty City employees are ready, able, and willing to come to blows with the Mean Girls star (if only for a quick buck or fifteen minutes of fame).

Unfortunately, during the course of house arrest, Ms. Lohan is not allowed to whittle away any of her community service duties also ordered by the court as part of her sentence.

That would amount to scoffing up double-time (we call it golden benefits in the industry).

She's sure to get around to that task, I expect.

This story is getting so old-and-grey and long-in-the-tooth, though.

Lindsay, time to move on, before you do - too!