Friday, May 13, 2011

Long Beach...Bike Festival! Bicycle Friendly Beach party! May 13th - May 14th!


If you're just strolling in the door after a day toiling at work, you may want to dash out the door  - snatch up your bike - and hit the sands in downtown Long Beach this afternoon and tomorrow.

The city is celebrating its 3rd annual Bicycle Festival and Tour of Long Beach!

The event is free!

So is the fresh air and waves crashing gently on the beach along the picturesque coast.

Long Beach is one of Southern California's most unique waterfront urban destinations to live, work, and play.

Long Beach is California's fifth largest city,  it is centrally located, and a mere 20 minutes from both Los Angeles and central Orange County.

The city boasts an efficient mass transportation system which easily connects to major Southern California attractions and sightseeing destinations.