Friday, May 6, 2011

Mark Zuckerkberg...$7 million-dollar home reminiscent of Osama bin Laden's compound?

Is it just me, or is Mark Zuckerberg's spanking new mansion somewhat reminiscent of slain Osama bin Laden's luxury digs in Pakistan?
With the exception of the pool, of course! 

Paddling about a pool in a flowing robe makes the recreational leisure past-time tough - even for an expert swimmer - after all.

The upscale property in Palo Alto has that certain shabby secluded aura about it that reminds me of the sprawling compound where the former Al Qaeda leader was serviced by his five accommodating wives.
Do you suppose Mark has a few bottles of virility boosters around the house, too, or are the big buck dividends that flow daily into the coffers enough to trigger an adrenalin rush and the libido of the single twenty-six-year old?
Valued at $13.5 billion, and now a recongized-on-sight celebrity made famous by the Oscar-winning film The Social Network, Zuckerberg is quite the catch.

Curiously, that!
Although the flick explored a myriad of aspects of the Facebook CEO's life, there wasn't even a hint or two about his sexual yearnings or his demanding tastes between-the-sheets.
Does the young stud like it missionary-style, for instance?
On the other hand, Doggie-style might be up his alley, too.
Who knows!
The restored upscale home boasts 5,617 square feet and rests on a 17,100 square-foot plot.
The investment property include five bedrooms, five and a half baths, a banquet-size dining room, a music alcove and glassed-in porch.
The backyard is a bachelor's virtual (!) playground, natch, and features a saltwater pool, a spa, an outdoor gazebo with a wood-burning fireplace, and a carport.
Like Osama's infamous pad, the retreat is shielded from nosy neighbors and lookie loo's with a high wall.

Pretty Citrus trees line the edge of the Zuckerberg estate, too.
The tony neighborhood - known as Crescent Park - is comprised mainly of median single-family homes which sell for an average of $1.9 million.

Public records have established that the deal closed in mid-March.

And, aht the hush-hush sale, was conducted through a third party LLC.

Obviously, if those Winklevoss twins win a court judgment eventually, it will be tough placing a lien on the Zuckerberg Castle.

Smart dude!

Do you suppose he paid cash-on-the-barrel or in Facebook overvalued stock?

News at 11!