Thursday, May 26, 2011

Matthew McConaughey's ass...most envied by males! Michelle Obama's arms cause envy!

I recall when a producer first cast Matthew McConaughey for a lead role in one drama years ago that he specifically noted in one interview that he chose the revealng slacks that Matthew 's character wore in the flick to "accent" and draw attention to his "tight" little butt.

That speciall attention to details turned out to be a plus for the actor.

Once the film was released - McConaughey was catapulted into the stratosphere - and he was not only lauded as a new sex symbol (one of the sexist men alive) - but a promising talented actor on the scene.

Now, on the subject of fitness and "body shape", American males have noted in a recent poll that Matthew's butt is the one they pine for!


From what I gather, that trim ass is still quite "perky", too.

Judging from the photograph above, of course!

Meanwhile, although unflattering photo-shopped photos have shown up on the Internet of the 1st Lady, the same poll determined that women most-admired - and longed for - the well-sculptured arms of Michelle Obama.

Go figure!

Just betcha - that if all the "perfect parts" of the bodies selected in the poll were assembled, that the physiques of the male and female individuals would be downright scary!

After all, it is each "distinct individual attribute" - combined with our flaws - that makes each and every one of us so darn interesting (and unique).

Of course, I could use a few crunches to work off a bit of flab on my stomach, so I'm heading out to the gym to correct that flaw right now.

See 'ya there!