Sunday, May 22, 2011

McDonald's...automated food servers! Cheap robot labor!


A few weeks ago, Tattler readers may recall that I was on the rag about the incompetence of employees - and their inability to communicate effectively with customers - the popular eatery.

Consumers who cruise into McDonald's daily have encountered a myriad of problems that range from troubling interactions with rude workers, communication difficulties that arise from the fact many employees don't speak fluent English, and cold tasteless meals that have been slapped togther without any concern for quality or customer satisfaction,

Post: 04/11/2011

In response, McDonald's top brass at the executive offices announced over the past week, that the fast-food outlet is about to introduce a fully-automated facility which will not require any contact with McDonald's employees!

According to News reports overseas, McDonald’s will be supplying 7,000 European outlets with a swipe card and touchscreen facilities. The idea is to make ordering a McDonald’s quicker, easier and more efficient for the customer.

Some cynics argue that this is a sly way for McDonald's to rustle up more revenue in a short period.

In tandem with the overhaul at the cash register, McDonald's intends to build a database of the most popular take-out items.

Although the visionary corporation has stumbled on solutions to a couple of dilemmas - the need to lower the cost of labor and increase sales - another problem may rear its ugly head in the aftermath.

Is it possible to turn out thousands of tasty meals daily - with Robots at the helm - and still manage to satisfy customers with menu items that are fresh, tasty, and something to write home about?

News at 11!