Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meredith Viera...fesses up to Jay Leno! Morning show not her style!

Meredith Viera (the poor man's Katie Couric who I often confuse her with) fessed up tonight on the Jay Leno show that she is exiting her once-popular morning show because it is not her "style".

Not suited to her talents is more like it.

As I noted in a post earlier today, in respect to an interview she  conducted with Jack Black, Ms. Viera fielded a couple of silly questions she thought were probing, in a bold-faced effort to stir up some controversy for her gab fest on a major network trying to rustle up ratings.

Post:  05/24/2011

Judging by nervous demeanour on Jay's talk-show tonight, I expect that Meredith's excuses were not on the up-and-up.

Just maybe, she couldn't cut it.

Or, perhaps her bosses were unhappy with a lacklustre ratings performance in recent months?

I guess Meredith failed to deliver up the golden egg, eh?

"But, I still have the hosting job on Millionaire," she quipped quickly on the uptake.

Same old same old.


In spite of the spandex, at least one of her co-workers still remains popular with the American viewing audience, for sure.

So, what fate befalls Ms. Viera now outside of the trivia fluff?

News at 11!