Friday, May 27, 2011

The most interesting hot springs planet

Geysers are attributed to the wonders of nature. But if the hot water does not beat up a jet, but simply fills the space - it is no less surprising. Hot springs and geysers in the world is not so little - some of them are in remote places, while others took control of civilization, but less mysterious, they do not have to. Here, for example, a geyser, "Big" in Kamchatka:

 But what are the hot springs of the world is widely recognized as the most interesting? Geysers in the park Yellowstone (USA) are famous. They emit jets of steam and water to a height of 20 to 60 m at intervals of several hours. This geyser "boat" with a height of ejection of jets of up to 90 m apart from the competition:
 Surprising and are located here Mammoth Hot Springs. Their hot saturated with chemical impurities of water formed over the millennia graded limestone, like sugar, terraces - dead, but the fantastically adorable picture.
In the Yellowstone can be found and the third largest in the world hot spring the size of 75 x 91 m with water temperature 71 C. But he is known more because of the fact that changes color from orange at the edges to bright blue in the center.
 And the Icelandic source Deildartunguhver characterized by very high capacity (180 l / sec) and 97 C - almost boiling water! Nearby towns and Borgarnes Akranes use this water for heating homes, and the distance to them from the source, respectively, 30 and 60 km:
 And in Spain, 40 km from Reykjavik is a natural geothermal pool. The water here drops power, using energy subsurface resources. The water temperature is perfect for swimming - 40 S. Holidaymakers are always a lot, does not stop even shorter daylight hours and cold weather.
 In the bloody pond in Japan, by contrast, do not swim: water color evokes horror. Although in reality everything is explained simply. Bright-red hue adds water iron.
 But Glenvudsky source in Colorado is popular. Bandwidth it is 143 l / sec. It built the world's largest thermal pool. The water temperature for bathing suits: +36 C.
But a Japanese hot spring Jigokudani also can plunge, but the competition are the man of snow monkeys that of the warm water does not agree to go out one day:
Probably, the list goes on and on. If you were not at the hot springs, be sure to find out which ones are closer to your home, and travel. I hope the pleasure of communicating with nature you will get no less than from the contemplation of these magnificent photos.