Friday, May 20, 2011

NCO Financial Services...threatens & harasses debtors! Violates Fair Credit Reporting Act!

If you've been having a tough time in the current economy and having trouble making monthly paymentx on a bill - or got a little sloppy on the I-15 Highway in downtown Las Vegas and landed a moving violation - chances are you are quite familiar with a company by the ominous name of NCO Financial Services.

After all, NCO is one of the largest debt collectors in the country, which is making quite a name for itself in the courts and in the criminal complaint departments at local Police Stations, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

For good reason.

In the past, the Federal Trade Commission fined NCO and its agent, s upwards of 1.5 million dollars in statutory penalties for Violating Consumer Rights and for willfully and wrongfully refusing to abide by State and Federal Laws pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

You name it!

However, those paltry penalties have not instilled any fear of the law in the criminals who run NCO.

No, Sir!

At press time, NCO was still committing shocking crimes against consumers, and thumbing their noses at the FTC and the U.S. Government.

For example, debtors have complained to various Government and Consumer Protection Agencies that NCO employees have called their homes, offices, and cell phone numbers in excess of ten times daily!

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (Consumer Bill of Rights) stipulates that debt collectors are legally barred from making more than 1 call per day.

In addition, NCO employees have hurled slurs at debtors, threatened bodily harm, and tried to coerce indivdiuals into paying excessive sums (penalties, illegal surcharges, and outrageous interest fees) under threat of prosecution.

The NCO employee harassment did not end there, however.

On many occasions, Managers at NCO hid their true identities when calling up debtors - in addition to impersonating individuals allegedly working for law enforcement, the telephone company, financial institutions, and so-forth-and-so-on – in a deceitful underhanded ploy to coerce payments and glean information about their clients by illegal means which were in direction violation of the individuals’ rights pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution.

In addition, NCO employees contacted third parties (employers) and made false statements about their clients in a bold-faced effort to damage the names and reputations of the debtors in question.

Currently, there is a class-action suit being lodged against NCO on behalf of the injured parties, which is expected to move forward in the Federal Court of Jurisdiction in the near future.

Consumers so situated are urged to lodge formal complaints against NCO with the Federal Trade Commission (where applicable), the Better Business Bureau, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the FBI criminal complaint division to deter such heinous conduct in the future.

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