Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nevada State Attorney General...Catherine Cortez Masto corrupt! Conspiracy to protect rogue Highway Patrol!

Over the past few months an investigation of State Attorney General "Catherine Cortez Masto" has determined that Nevada's highly-placed State Official not only willfully and wrongfully refused to take appropriate action against rogue Nevada Highway Patrol Officers for engaging in illegal stops, harassment, and violating citizen's rights - but also - engaged in in a conspiracy to cover-up facts - with the ultimate aim of protecting dirty copst and mitigating liability for damages.

For example, readers at the Tattler may recall that I reported on a dirty Nevada Patrolman by the name of Del Padre (Batch # 691) who thumbed his nose at the letter of the law in July (2010) when he pulled over a  motorist willy-nilly at random (without provocation) and proceeded to abuse his power under the color of authority.

In the wake of the illegal stop, the Las Vegas tourist was bullied and harassed by the mean pig-headed Law Enforcement Officer, had his vehicile towed - and subsequently - was left stranded  at the sde of the road (and sufered injuries all to his damage).

Post:: 07/04/2011

When the motorist lodged a complaint with the Nevada Highway Patrol - Chief Tony Almaraz - he essentially got the run-around from Almaraz's Office and his staff who scrambled to engage in a cover-up to conceal the wrongdoing of their rogue Officer Patrolman Del Padrre.

Post: 07/8/2010

In view of the aforementioned suspect conduct of - Chief Tony Almarez, Sergeant Charles Waycox, and Patrolman Del Padre - I filed a compalint wtih Catherine Cortez Masto at the State Attorney General's Office on the behalf of the aggrieved party.

The disresputable Attorney General responded with a curt letter in which she stated that her office would investigage the facts for appropriate action.

However, a short while later, it became evident to me that Catherine Cortez Masto was playing fast-and-loose with due process when she ultimately rejected the complaint on dubious grounds.

For instance, the State Attorney General alleged in a follow-up letter that because applicable State Laws had been amended in recent months, that an issue raised lacked merit now.

Did Ms. Masto think I was born yesterday?

Her response was a dishonest attempt to negate the validity of the complaint - and ultimately - deceitfully protect Nevada Highway Patrolmen from closer scrutiny, disciplinary action, and/or litigation in the Courts.

Obviously, my assumptions are correct, when you consider that the amendments Ms. Masto referred to were instituted "after" the incident on  I-15 Highway in downtown las Vegas on July 4th.

In fact, the amendments arose on the heels of the incident referred to, and were specifically implemented to combat the pending tort claim for damages about to be filed.

People are not stupid, Ms. Masto.

Obviously, the State Attorney General couldn't investigate her way out of a bag.

Did Masto even bother to give the complainant the due consideration they are entitled to by law?

Or, was the arrogant ne'er-to-well  just busy protecting her own butt, and those of her despicable cohorts at the Nevada Highway Patrol?

In addition, it should be noted for the record, that Ms. Masto proceeded to ignore (failed to address) the rest of the complaint issues (Officer misconduct, bullying, harassment, illegal search and seizure, Rights' Violations, etc.)

Notiwthstanding the foregoing, it should be noted that the State Attorney General posted a lengthy "Mission Statement" on the Government web site which amounts to a pack of lies and deception in the final analysis (and in view of my first-hand experiences with the State Attorney General).

Demonstrating Integrity

Understanding our obligations and honoring our commitments.

Exceeding expectations

Exceeding the expectations of ourselves and others.

To ourselves and others

Responsible to ourselves and others for our actions.

Utilizing our source of strength

Utilizing our differences as a source of strength.

Encouraging openness and inclusiveness

Ensuring that the business of government is transparent and responsive to others.

Showing courtesy to ourselves and others

Showing and promoting courtesy to each other.

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto took the oath as Nevada’s Attorney General in January 2007.

A few short years later, Masto is a disgrace to her office, the State of Nevada, and public service.


Nevada Department of Public Harassment!