Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama bid Laden...trojan attack on my laptop? Image of terrorist spashes across screen! Help!

Image of Osama bin Laden splashes across my laptop at start-up!

There has been a shocking disturbing turn of events in the tawdry Osama tale that I am inclined to share with my Tattler readers at this grim hour.

I am under attack by terrorists, or so it would appear, for reporting on the ongoing Osama bin Laden saga as it has been unfolding in the glare of the International spotlight on news wires around the globe in recent days.

Around noon today, I posted an update on the specifics of the clandestine attack on the known terrorist, which resulted in his subsequent capture and death at a compound just outside the Capitol in Pakistan.

In that post, I noted that Osama bin Laden was apparently not armed, as originally alleged by Officials at the White House, and that children were in the bedroom when the stealth attack was underway without the knowledge of the military powers-that-be in that terrorist-plagued country.

Post:  05/03/2011


I was reporting from the Crystal Casino Hotel in Compton, where I was taking a respite from it all, for a couple of days.

After publishing the article on the White House press conference - that was held earlier today to address niggling concerns of the press, I packed up my laptop and headed back to downtown Los Angeles.

Since I usually receive numerous comments on my site, that need editorial approval before they are published on the Tattler, I popped into Starbucks on 7th Street to review my yahoo mailbox for messages to post.

When the IBM Thinkpad sprang to life, the above-captioned photo of Osama flooded the entire screen of my laptop, without warning!

At first, I thought it was a computer glitch, that occurred when the laptop was shut-down just a scant couple of hours ago.


I have rebooted the computer several times, but on each occasion, the image of bin Laden continues to loom large on my screen at start up and stare me in the face!

Is he sending me a message from beyond?

I turned to a customer at Starbucks and informed her of the dilemma I was encountering.

"Oh, my God. Every time you turn on your computer, you will be confronted with Osama bin Laden's photographic image!"


In retrospect, and after a bit of reflection, it awned on me that perhaps when I clicked on a "comment' link left on the site at the bottom of a post, that a Trojan intruder was triggered with instructions to infect my computer screen with the image of the former Al Qaeda leader.

Curiously, when I was strolling down the street on my way to Starbucks, a thought crossed my mind that I might be a  target for terrorists in view of my detailed news reports on the death of Osama, terrorist activity, and the current threat to Americans here and abroad.

How strange!

It appears that my psychic intuition (feeling) was correct.

At this juncture, I have tried to remove the image, but with little success!

Although my computer appears to be functioning normally - I can still pen posts and publish them (I think! I haven't tried yet) - I am unable to free myself of Osama bin Laden's face every time I start up the IBM computer.

So, now I am reaching out to my readers.


Any suggestions?

Right now, I am scanning with an anti-virus software program to see if I can uncover any clues or hidden files (at least) that need deleting.

News at 11!