Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden...buried at sea! Death a hoax? Conspiracy theories spark controversy!

In the wake of the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed during a JSOC stealth attack on an upscale high-security compound just hours ago a few miles outside of the Capitol of Pakistan - where the terrorist leader was reportedly in-hiding - sources are reporting now that the al qaeda leader's body has been buried at sea!

A mind-boggling end scenario?

Conspiracy theorists are already speculating that there may be a cover-up underfoot by the U.S. Government.


Did the powers-that-be slip up?

Notwithstanding, questions are being raised about the role that the Pakistan military played in the ambush - that resulted in the "alleged" death of the terrorist leader - who was considered to be the mastermind behind the 911 attacks on the celebrated "Twin Towers" in New York City almost a decade ago.

The fact that Osama Bin Laden was moving freely in an upscale neighborhood in Pakistan (undetected?) - over the past few months - has raised quite a few eyebrows (to say the least!).

Needless to say, media outlets are pointing accusing fingers at this hour.

In response, the Pakistan Government has asserted - in no uncertain terms - that they were part of the military action tonight which "allegedly" felled Osama Bin Laden (and one of his sons).

When it comes to the world's most intriguing unsolved mysteries - will Osama Bin Laden be elevated to cult status - to join the ranks of such tragic legendary figures as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Marilyn Monroe?

News at 11!

Tight-lipped President accused of foul play?