Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama bin Laden...neighbors deny terrorist in their midst at compound! Denial! Denial! Denial!

One news outlet is reporting - that they have interviewed neighbors in the upscale enclave where terrorist Osama bin Laden was felled by a Navy Seals bullet  over the weekend - and that their findings were surprising.

Curiously, all of the individuals quizzed in the one-on-one probes appear to be in total denial.

Say what?

In spite of the news reports worldwide - and unverified evidence offered up by the U.S. Government - one-hundred-percent of the interviewees polled stated for the record that they did not believe that terrorist Osama bin Laden was ever a resident at the secluded compound where he met his demise.


I expect that if Iraqi Officials did not have one of Osama's wives in custody at this very hour, that a majority of Americans would be disbelievers, as well.

Meanwhile, other news agencies are reporting that at least one Navy Seal has come forward and stated for the record that Osama was a "coward" and "scared" in the final minutes of his life.

"He shoved his wife towards us to protect himself," an officer in the elite Navy Seal 6 team has accused.

Talk about low-ball slime actics!

If  U.S. citizens didn't think Osama bin Laden was scum 'ti now, it appears that the Seals are out to ensure that is how his image is left dangling in the wind in respect to his final stance at Geronimo.

It will be mighty intriguing to hear what one of the lone detainees (Osama bin Laden  Wife No - ?) has to say about the shake-down -  and the subsequent death of her husband - that fateful night at the compound over the weekend.

Stay posted!