Monday, May 23, 2011

Pet Peeves...Nurses who don't speak English! Hiring practice dumb!

Any U.S. citizen facing hospitalization for a quick medical procedure, or for the treatment of a terminal illness, agrees to be admitted with the understanding that Hospital staff - nurses, doctors, technicians, etc. - will at least have the ability to communicate effectively with the patient at the hospital.

A great bedside manner may go a long way to cheering up the ill, but unfortunately, few of the local hospitals appear to put much stock in that ideology.

Instead, through my own experience - and judging from the dozens of complaints I have received in response to my revealing exposes on Medical Care Facilities in the Los Angeles area,  it appears that administration is inclined to hire cheap labor - which means, of course - individuals with little education, care-giving skills, or the ability to communicate effectively in English are hired to babysit hapless charges.


That's my pet peeve this week!

It's time that the powers-that-be stop hiring on medical personnel who can't speak English fluently - or, at a minimum - are capable of communicating without difficulty with their limit knowledge of the language of the land.

Does someone have to die before anyone in the medical profession will sit up and take notice of this critical issue that needs addressing?

News at 11!