Friday, May 6, 2011

President Barack the dog-house over nasty Tamale quip! 1st Lady annoyed!

Getting down 'n dirty with the troops earlier today back east obviously had a down-side.

Did some of the rough-house manners of the salty Marines rub off on the Commander-in-Chief?

For example, tonight - when President Obama was quizzed about his favorite snack food at a festive cinco de mayo celebration at the White House  - he was quick on-the-uptake (and put-down).

'Mexian food," he beamed, without hesitation.

Then, for some inexplicable reason, he was inspired to take a dig at his wife Michelle out-of-the-blue.

"Just try to get between a Tamale and Michelle," he quipped, to a shocked audience in attendance.

The 1st Lady obviously wasn't amused, judging by her body language.

In fact, if looks could kill, the Secret Service would have been dashing up to the podium to try to revive the President after the fatal blow took its deadly toll.

Something tells me the Prez ain't getting any nooky, tonight!

Barack will have to settle for the couch, a porno, and a hand-job - I guess.

Of course, he could order "out".

Give Charlie Sheen a call, Mr. President!

Just betcha the "machine" can hook 'ya up with a pricey babe made-to-order.

But, don't sniff any of the white stuff she offers up, okay?