Wednesday, May 25, 2011

President Barack Obama...speech cut off by Orchestra! Life's embarrassing moments!

What is just me?

When one of the major networks broadcast a clip of the President at a formal dinner with Queen Elizabeth II last night, the President looked for all-the-world like a youngster swimming in his Dad's formal clothes as he stood up to address the luminaries at the celebrated event.

As to his demeanor, well, he appeared meek and slack-jawed.

Indeed, he looked more like some gawky young kid giving his first speech at a Graduation dinner, than in the glare of the spotlight on the World Stage.

Maybe that is why his speech got rudely cut off?

Oh, you didn't hear about that, eh?

Well, let's get 'ya up to speed!

When President Obama stood up and held his glass high and said - "To Her Majesty the Queen" - the music started up right away - and ended up - cutting off Mr. Obama's carefully-crafted speech!

Talk about embarrassing.

Was it my imagination, or did Queen E 2 appeared to be slightly amused by it all?

Apparently, when the Queen is toasted, protocol calls for the Royal Anthem to play.

Obviously, nobody informed Obama, so he ended up with egg on his face.

But, in the final analysis - the President simply joins a host of Hollywood Stars -  who often get cut-off unexpectedly (and rudely) when they go overboard with their acceptance speeches.

In this instant case, Mr. Obama never did get the chance to thank all the little people!

Oh well, next trip across the big pond, eh?

God Save the Queen (Elizabeth, not Barack silly!).

Yes, those gay rumors are still floating around the blogosphere (along with the questions about his Birth Certificate).

You know what they say, where there is smoke, there is - well - you figure it out!