Tuesday, May 24, 2011

President President Barack Obama...affixes incorrect date in Registry on Royal visit! Code word appropriate?

Maybe it was a case of jet lag. 

Or, perhaps the President has been overworked?

It is wholly possible, too, that the President pines for simpler days before he was Commander-in-Chief!

But, it does have folks scratching their heads.

For some inexplicable reason, when President Obama signed the Official Registry over the weekend in England, he affixed the year 2008 next to his name and signature.

However, when you consider the recent flap over the code name assigned Barack Obama's Official visit by Scotland Yard, maybe the so-called error is not that perplexing to fathom in the final analysis

In case you were in the dark, here it is in a nutshell.

When a computer generated a code name for Obama's visit to meet with the Queen - the term 'Chalaque'  - was spat out.

The term is reportedly a Punjabi word which means someone who is "too clever" for his own good.

Or, quite simply, a smart alec.

Although Scotland Yard had the option to change the code word, they chose not to, for whatever reason that remains unclear.

It suddenly struck me that perhaps the President decided to prove how "clever" he really could be.

By affixing the wrong date on his visit on the Official Documents at Westminster Abbey, he is guaranteed to stand out in history.

A brain teaser for trivia buffs?

I guess Barack had the last laugh!

Meanwhile, the tongues have been wagging about the Queen's sudden willingness to court "American Royalty" at long last.

Although the President and the 1st Lady were not invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Windsors - and the Duke of Cambridge and his pretty wife - made up for it in spades this week.

The President toured the Royal Guard, received a gun salute, and the Obamas were invited to share a few private moments with Prince William and Kate Middleton up-close-and-personal at Buckingham Palace.

What kind of idle chit-chat did the foursome engage in?

Oh, would I have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that room, listening in!

In a solemn moment, President Obama also placed a reef on the tomb of the unknown solider, by the way.

A fitting gesture since a similar poignant moment was experienced by New Yorkers at Ground Zero in recent weeks
Now that the Obamas have kissy-faced with Queen E 2 and the Prince and his fashion savvy bride, I expect that they will be invited to the next Royal Wedding.

Could it be - Prince Harry's?

News at 11!