Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sophia Loren...honored with tribute in Hollywood! Glam Queen still radiant @ 78!

Tonight, legendary beauty - Sophia Loren - is slated to appear at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre where she will be honored with a tribute by her peers.

Billy Crystal hosts the star-studded event which took her by surprise.

"I didn't expect it," Ms. Loren fessed up graciously upon hearing the exciting news.

"It's wonderful because I belong to Italian movies - and generally - we Italians, we don't get these wonderful, great, great honors, even though we deserve it sometimes."

John Travolta and Bob Marshall (who directed her in the musical bomb "Nine") are slated to attend the festive start-studded event.

As I noted in my  own review of the ill-fated musical - unfortunately - Ms. Loren's talents were greatly wasted in that uneven production - which was panned by many relevant critics in the show-biz arena.

Post: 02/02/2010

Of course, Ms. Loren is probably best known for starring opposite film greats like Cary Grant, well-received studio features such as "Houseboat".

In that classic flick, Loren demonstrated a definite flair for comedy.

However, the heralded actress has also turned in fine dramatic performances over the course of her illustrious film career, which have also received rave reviews.

For example, in 1961, she starred in Vittorio De Sica's "Two Women" to much acclaim.

The drama - a dark tawdry tale about a mother who is raped while trying to protect her daughter during a conflict in war-torn Italy - showcased her acting gifts to a "t".

That raw heart-wrenching performance won her an Academy Award for Best Actress (in addition to twenty-two other prestigious awards in filmdom around the globe).

In additional to being well received critically, the flick was also a commercial success.

Other awards include an Academy Honorary Award for her contributions to world cinema.

On that celebrated occasion, Officials crowned Loren "one of the world cinema's great treasures".

In 1995, she also received a coveted Cecil B. DeMille Award (Golden Globe).

At 78, Ms. Loren (a grandmother) is still radiant, active, and sexy!

Ms. Loren was born in Rome, Italy.

When she was 14, Loren entered a beauty contest in Naples and was selected as one of the finalists.

Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in an acting class - and subsequently - was cast as an extra in "Quo Vadis" (1951 film by Mervyn LeRoy).

The cameo launched her career!

Tonight, the Academy will screen clips from Ms. Loren's long distinguished film career, and tout her as a film great.

Congrats, Ms. Loren!