Thursday, May 26, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry...illegal immigrant surge a crisis! President Obama neglecting his duty to Nation!

I expect that when the Governor of Texas appeared on a major network this week to discuss what he described as a troubling surge of illegal immigrants on the Texas border of epic proportions, that it was quite an eye-opener for many U.S. viewers sitting comfortably at home in their armchairs in the dark.

Don't feel badly, folks!

According to the Governor, the President is unaware of the escalating crisis, too!

Governor Perry lamented the fact that Barack Obama appeared in the city of El Paso just two weeks ago, and took the bold-faced stance that the Texas border was secure.

It's not!

If you caught the news reports filtering in from the Texas border live - where law enforcement agencies were vigorously patrolling the border to apprehend illegals attempting to cross under the cover of darkness - it would have been abundantly clear to any fool that the illegal immigrant problem has reached a fever pitch.

While some may be under the impression that immigrants who enter the country in a clandestine fashion are simply humble Mexicans illegals seeking a better life - Governor Perry alleged in no uncertain terms - that the massive nightly crossings also consist of foreigners who are enemies of the State - some with ties to Al Qaeda - for example.

In addition, Perry alleged that drug cartels are - not only moving drugs across the remote border (with lethal chemicals that are poisoning our youth) - but have also set up distribution centers in El Paso, Dallas, and other U.S. Cities just a hop-and-a-skip away from Mexico.

The Governor also pointed an accusing finger at the President for failure to provide funding to curb the escalating siege on the nation which poses a threat to the very fabric of American Life.

 For example, grants from the Federal Government have been cut, so Law Enforcement (ICE, the local Sheriffs, and Homeland Security) have insufficient funds to battle the illegals who may be entering the country to set up cells (with the express intention of eventually attacking this country "from within").

Perry is under the impression that President Barack Obama doesn't care about the problem, for some inexplicable reason, or perhaps has a secret agenda in mind.

With his bid for a second term on the horizon, is the subject too volatile to broach at this juncture in his Presidency?

Some hint that there are powerful influences at work in the corridors of power in Washington.

Are Mexican lobbyists influencing the Government behind-the-scenes?

News at 11!