Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 10 Greatest Conspiracies History

Every major event in history always invites multiple interpretations: between facts and allegations. That's why conspiracy theories arise that offer alternative explanations.
The first is the fall of conspiracy UFO Roswell incident in New Mexico in 1947. Here are 10 of the biggest conspiracy in world history.

1. Incidents of 11 September 2001
With the power of the web and also broadcast live on television, the events that occurred on September 11, 2001, when terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, could exceed the excitement and the shooting incident Rosswell John F Kennedy.
Although the U.S. claims the attacks were planned al-Qaeda, the official and unofficial investigations of the fall of the twin towers was concluded that structural failure occurs in the event. Conspiracy was mentioned occurred in this incident.

Some parties believe the U.S. government has given a warning, but could not stop the attack. They believe the administration of George W Bush's blind eye to these warnings because he wanted to fly the war with the Middle Eastern country.
A large group of people who called the 9 / 11 Truth Movement, found evidence that the plane did not hit the Pentagon and WTC. Incident as combustion fuel in the aircraft itself. Because, there was an explosion in the plane even before he crashed into the twin towers.

2. John F Kennedy assassination
John F Kennedy was shot on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 local time. He was seriously injured when shot while driving a convoy of cars with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy. 10-month investigation conducted by the Warren Commission in 1963 to 1964, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) at 176 to 1979, and other government investigations concluded that the president was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, who eventually shot dead by Jack Ruby in prisoners.

However, doubts arise from the explanations that mention Oswald was the sole gunman who shot Kennedy. Record motorcade taken by Abraham Zapruder to support the belief that there are four shots taken, not three as mentioned Warren Commission. Recordings in the film also showed at least one shot that came from different directions with Oswald.
This is also supported by several eyewitnesses. Many believe some shots done by gunmen who were hiding behind a hill.

In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) investigation found defects the FBI and Warren Commission. HSCA also concluded there were four shots are done and there is the possibility of conspiracy in it. However, several investigations, one by the National Academy of Sciences questioned the accuracy of the evidence used HSCA who discovered four shots.

3. UFO in Rosswell
This event occurs more than half a century ago, where there conspiracy theories about the Unidentified flying objects (UFO-flying saucer.) Something fell on Rosswell, New Mexico prior to July 7, 1947.

One suspects it is a flying saucer. However, the U.S. said, it's just a weather balloon crash. In 1989, former guard the tomb, Glenn Denis said he was involved in the alien autopsy conducted at the air base Rosswell.

4. NASA Faking Landing on the Moon
Landing on the moon by NASA is a pure hoax. NASA and several parties have made public deception to believe that the landing was really happening with the engineering equipment, also gathered evidence, including photographs, tape recordings, transmissions, and rock specimens.

Parties who think NASA did see the incongruity of fraud photos and recordings also indicated. Some of them are the presence of rocks in the surface of the moon, Buzz Aldrin planted the flag can fly with a strange but in no air, lack of stars on the sky, and also the shadow that falls into a different direction. Some observers have shown by detailed evidence of deception by NASA.

5. The Illuminati and the New World Order
Conspiracy occurs when powerful groups and secret (the Illuminati, the Bilderberg group, and the secret) plans to rule mankind with a single world government. Many of the events in the history of the so-called engineered by this group with one goal, the New World Order (NWO). These groups use political funds, social engineering, mind control, and fear-based propaganda to achieve their goals.

The signs of the presence of NWO will be indicated by the inverted pyramid in the Great Sale in the U.S., located at Denver International Airport, and a pentagram in the town plan. International organizations like the World Bank, IMF, EU, UN, and NATO is listed as a founding organization of the New World Order.

6. Faking his death Own Elvis Presley
Some parties believe that Elvis "The King" Presley had not died in 1977. Many fans believed he was alive, and now he is hiding with a variety of reasons. This claim is supported by thousands of sightings Presley after his death. The main reason that supports Presley had faked his death is seen in his grave.

He was on his grave, his middle name was spelled Aron Aaron. However, "Aaron" is actually the middle name of Presley. Apparently both Presley and her father tried to change his name to "Aaron" so similar to Presley's twin brother who died, Jesse Garon Presley.

7. Shakespeare is not Shakespeare
Who is the greatest writer the English language? Among the many alternative candidates have been proposed Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, William Stanley, and Edward de Vere are the most popular. Theorists believe, the lack of evidence that the actor and businessman, known as the Shakespeare of Stratford is responsible for the works who raised his name. Very little biographical information available about Shakespeare.

8. Paul McCartney Dead
"Paul is dead" is a local legend that says Paul McCartney had died in a car accident in 1966 and replaced by someone who looks and sounds the same. Evidence for the death of McCartney consists of "clues" found among the many recordings of the Beatles. Hundreds of evidence have been cited several times by various people.

The report allegedly heard when a song is played backwards, symbolism found in the lyrics clearly, and ambiguous imagery on album covers. Some of them are famous, such as the fact that McCartney is the only barefoot Beatle and come out with another step on the cover of Abbey Road.

9. Harold Wilson is a Soviet Agent
Anatoliy Golitsyn, a Soviet defector has said Wilson is a KGB spy. He further declared Hugh Gaitskell was murdered by the KGB and he can finally be replaced by Labor Party leader, Harold Wilson.

In addition, the former MI5 officer Peter Wright claimed in his memoirs, Spycatcher, that he had been told that Wilson was a Soviet agent. MI5 Wilson repeatedly investigated for several years before deciding that he did not have a relationship with the KGB.

In the BBC TV program, The Plot Against Harold Wilson broadcast in 2006, it states that the military is at launching a coup against Wilson in 1974. Wilson himself told the BBC that he feared and was destroyed by MI5 at the end of 1960 after the devaluation of sterling and again in 1974 after he nearly won the election against Edward Heath.

10. Invented AIDS Virus in Laboratory
Based on the theory of Dr. William Campbell Douglass, many believe that that HIV was genetically engineered in 1974 by the World Health Organisation. Dr. Douglass believes that it is a cold-blooded attempt to create a killer virus which is then used in a successful experiment in Africa. Other people have claimed that it was created by the CIA or KGB as a means to reduce the world population.