Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vegetarian Stars

Vegetarian Stars
Vegetarian Celebrities. When a trend reaches of Hollywood - it is immediately distributed among the stars. This also applies to vegetarianism - many stars refused to eating eggs, dairy products, meat, also refused to wear clothes made of leather and silk, and do not use products containing beeswax.

1. Olivia Wilde.
The actress became a vegetarian gradually, leaving the first in their diet only fish, and then completely switched to herbal products. Olivia now says he feels physically and emotionally much better. Recently, she even has won the award "Sexiest Vegetarian 2010".
2.Bred Pitt.
As a true American, he also holds the common American diet. Nor what to eat, but even to see the meat of it unpleasant. Pitt also does not welcome when his children eat meat. His wife, once a supportive husband, now departed from the strict prohibitions, very much she loves to eat a piece of meat.
3. Ellen Lee DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.
This gay couple have decided to become vegetarian, because it is very fond of animals. Its call-to-eat vegetable food Ellen expressed in the book Diet For a New Americaand Skinny Bitch.
4. Hoakiin Phoenix.
The actor and his entire family - avid vegetarians. Even in the age of three when he was fishing, Joaquin decided that he will never eat animals. After so many years, he still remembers the emotions that are experienced on the fishing: "When we caught a fish, she fluttered, and we have released into the water. I then thought that each animal, as a man given life so why do people violently kill them. "
5. Ginnifer Goodwin.
This American film and television actress says that thanks to vegetarianism had no skin problems. In an interview, she stated: "I eat meat products, because I love their taste. But my credo - not to hurt others, and this is the main reason for my vegetarianism. With such a life principle can not disagree.
6. Alec Baldwin.
Baldwin, perhaps the most avid vegetarian. "Every time sitting at a dining table, we make a choice. Please choose vegetarianism. Do it for the animals. Do it for the environment and for the sake of your own health. "
7. Jason Mraz.
Beginning in 2008, the musician only eat fresh food. He believes that, despite the fact that this diet is not cheap, his own body and his health is more expensive. So, what can be found in his refrigerator: fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, coconut water, protein extract of hemp seeds, linseed oil, milk from cashew own cooking, cocoa beans, bananas and sometimes other similar products.
8. Petra Nemcova.
Czech supermodel became a vegetarian to save the endangered fish. "I once read that if we catch from reservoirs such as the amount of fish now, by 2048, on planet Earth at all there will be no fish. It is worth pondering this fact. "
9. Jared Leto.
Actor and singer - a vegetarian who eats eggs and dairy products. Sometimes he jokes on his special diet: "I can eat" vegetarian "pancakes for breakfast."
10. Heather Mills.
The former wife of Paul McCartney makes his vegetarianism. She bought the company Redwood Wholefood and became the mistress of a vegetarian cafe in the UK. Must also be somewhere to invest the money, which she sued a former spouse upon divorce.
11. Sandra O.
During the filming of "Grey's Anatomy" Sandra was trying "to plant" the entire cast on a vegetarian diet. Under her influence, Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey went crazy for chocolate cake, and even quit smoking.
12. Tobey Maguire.
The actor became a vegetarian in 1992. Under his influence, actress Natalie Portman has a diet based on eating only fresh foods. Moreover, he does not let people into his home, dressed in leather clothes. Cornwall, however, measure.
13. Prince.
In 2006 he was voted "Sexiest vegetarian." Protest regarding the use of animal fur, he expressed in his songs.
14. Madonna.
Many people speculated on how she manages to keep himself in such great shape. Perhaps the reason is healthy food. It follows closely to ensure that all dishes were prepared only from fresh ingredients. While some question its true vegetarianism.
15. Drew Barrymore.
The actress has been a vegetarian since 2002, but since 2009 she has returned to normal diet: "I do not use tons of meat, and not put on hundreds of leather apparel, now I'm just not so strictly limit myself."
16. Natalie Portman.
Vegetarian for 20 years of experience, after reading the 2009 book Jonathan Safran Froer's book «Eating Animals» decided that never again will eat animal food, but due to pregnancy retreated from his life rules. She stated that in order to make a healthy baby she needs a whole range of vitamins, therefore, eggs and dairy products returned to her daily diet.
17. Jennifer Connelly.
Jennifer ceased to adhere to a vegetarian diet, for the simple and banal reason - pregnancy. "I've been a vegetarian for years, but suddenly when I was pregnant, I wanted to roll with turkey meat. It was the end of my vegetarianism.
18. Zooey Deschanel.
She did not eat dairy and meat products until 2010, when her body completely rejected the flour and soy products. Now she looks so elegant that you will not say that it is so harmful for the body meat.
19. Gwyneth Paltrow.
Gwyneth was so infatuated mikrobioticheskoy diet, even arranged for a vegetarian party in honor of the birth of their daughter Apple. But since 2009 it has ceased to adhere to vegetarianism and even shared her recipe for baked chicken in a TV show. Now she wears fur and seeks out recipes on the Internet how to cook turkey to Thanksgiving.