Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zsa Zsa Gabor...slips into coma! Legendary celebrity fights for life!


Shortly after returning home from a stint at the Ronald Reagan Medical Facility, Zsa Zsa Gabor was rushed back to the hospital suffering from additional medical problems which have allegedly triggered a coma-like condition (according to Prince Frederic von Anhalt).

A feeding tube that was inserted into Ms. Gabor's stomach ended up bleeding and required immediate doctor's care to prevent life-threatening complications.

The legendary celebrity - once married to Hotelier Conrad Hilton - recently licked a nasty bout of pneaumonia.

But, a new medical dilemma now looms on the horizon.

The coma Gabor is now suffering from has resulted in physical complications and difficulty in communicating with her loved ones.

"She doesn't respond," von Anhalt informed the media on Wednesday afternoon

The star of such celebrated films as Orson Welle's - Touch of Evil - is struggling valiantly to overcome her new medical challenges.

The Hungarian-born actress was often a colorful outspoken guest - alongside her two famous sisters - on the talk-show circuit for years.

A few years ago Ms. Gabor gained notoriety when she was stopped for a moving violation - and subsequently - struck a rude (handsome) Beverly Hills Police Officer (in an incident that became known as the "slap" that was heard around the world).

Zsa Zsa's acting performance on screen in Huston's biopic on Toulouse-Lautrec ("Moulin Rouge") earned her rave reviews years ago at the height of her topsy-turvy acting career.

On a humorous note, fans may recall that Gabor also camped it up on the TV sppof - Batman - a couple of decades ago when the weekly serial scored high ratings with the American viewing public.

The pairing of Gabor - and her 9th husband (von Anhalt) - has been a perfect match in view of the fact that both Gabor and von Anhalt are always hungry to be in the glare of the spotlight in spite of the consequences.
For example, recently filmgoers were shocked to hear that von Anhalt was seriously considering allowing his wife to become pregnant though seriously ill and 94 years of age.
Ms. Gabor's lone child - Francesca Hilton - said it best when quizzed by the press.
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