Sunday, June 12, 2011

65th Annual Tony Awards...Neil Patrick Harris hosts! Chris Rock, Alec Baldwin & Steve Colbert guest!

Acting hopefuls are skillfully preparing their acceptance speeches to ensure a rude musical burp doesn't strike up from the orchestra pit and humiliate 'em, the red carpet has been steam-cleaned and readied to roll out on a bustling New York Street, and a gang of celebrated presenters are waiting in-the-wings and at-the-ready to trot out on stage and wow their adoring fans (and all the little people) below the footlights.

Of course, charismatic Neil Patrick Harris is tweaking his tux right about now (and tweeting his avid followers), as he prepares to saunter into the glare of the spotlight and host the 65th annual Tony Awards once again!

Expect the unexpected!

With the likes of - Chris Rock, Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Williams slated to utter up their particular brand of humor live tonight to a packed house - anything goes (and probably will!).


There will probably be a "Weiner" weener joke or ten, for starters.

They're cheaper by the dozen, I understand.

No doubt, aging Lothario - Alec Baldwin - will be prompted to tease the audience about his run for Mayor of the "Big Apple" on the heels of the Weinergate scandal!

Tin Pan Alley will never be the same, just betcha!

The "Spiderman" production will probably rustle up a poke or two from the rank-and-file in attendance, too.

Oh, what a web those Broadway producers weave in the same of show biz!

Personally, I've be keeping an eye-out for all the fashion disasters sure to parade their way out onto the celebrated stage before you can quip "Nicole Kidman" (courtesy of the Country Music Awards).

There'll be quite a bit of spit and polish in evidence, though.

After all, the Tony Awards are always a class act, all the way.

A handful of the nominees this year include seasoned pro Al Pacino (Best Actor / Merchant of Venice); Patti LuPone (Best Performance in a featured role in a Musical); Joel Grey & George C. Wolf (Best Play Direction); How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Best Musical Revival).

See 'ya there!