Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anthony Weiner...Dave Letterman "queer" for scandal-ridden politician? Shaved pecs a turn-on!

Studly Dave after-hours at CBS!

Though political pundits (and critics from across the aisle in Congress) have been poking fun at scandal-ridden Anthony Weiner's crotch shots surfacing on social hubs around the Internet, Dave Letterman has been inclined to flatter the beleaguered man-of-the-hour who got caught with his pants down.

"I've seen the naked photos," quipped toothy Dave to his rapt audience the other evening.

"Weiner has nothing to be ashamed about," the popular talk-show host beamed with admiration, as the packed house roared back in response.

Obviously, the comic has been scrutinizing the stills up-close-and-personal for some inexplicable reason.

I expect - that like any hot-blooded male - Letterman was just checking the "dude's" tool out (like guys tend to do at the urinal in the mens room) to get a sense of how he blessed he is compared to the rest of the male species.

After all, every dude hankers to know where he - um - measures up when it comes to his "junk".

But, when Letterman persisted with the dialogue last night, it begged a question.

Is Dave queer for Weiner's man tool?

News at 11!


Shaved pumped pecs a turn-on to some Constituents!