Thursday, June 9, 2011

Barry Manilow...launches talent contest! YouTube entries, please!

Pop Idol Barry Manilow - who writes the songs that the whole world sings - now pines to nurture budding talent out of the shadows and into the spotlight on the stage in the trendy desert oasis.

Word out of the Manilow camp is that the perennial crooner has now launched a talent contest for aspiring stage performers aching to break into elusive show business!

Potential candidates (vocalists) are invited to submit a video of a themselves belting out their stuff to Manilow's web site on YouTube - where the precious entries - will be personally viewed by Mr. Manilow for due consideration.

The winner will be treated to an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas (cost of meals, airfare, and Hotel accommodation will be covered), gifted with back-stage passes, and nab tickets to a sold-out Barry Manilow concert at the Paris Hotel on the glitzy strip.

At that juncture, the lucky entertainer will be invited up on the stage, to perform a duet with the down-to-earth out-going hit-maker.

The promotion is being run in tandem with the release of Barry's new album - 15 minutes - his first featuring original songs in about ten years!

Gee, just this past week, I noted in a post that I just purchased a new microphone and amp so that I can venture into the street in Vegas in the next week-or-so to try out new material on tourists flocking into the city.

If God smiles on me, just maybe, Mr. Manilow will be driving by in his limousine and catch my act!

I'm all for doing a duet with Mr. Manilow - and winning the contest, too - you betcha!

News at 11!

Barry Manilow