Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celine mob stage door @ Colosseum! Caesars Palace gig a sell-out!

As I sauntered through Caesars Palace last night, I got caught up in a crush of Celine Dion fans jockeying for position in line at the stage door of the Colosseum.

The atmosphere was electrically-charged as ticket-holders buzzed with excitement over the Pop Diva's latest gig in the exotic desert oasis that is Las Vegas.

Celine has been blessed with quite a diverse fan base which was in evidence last night everywhere 'ya turned in the midst of the ecstatic concert-goers that milled about excitedly 'til well past midnight.

Although a handful of handsome men sported elegant white linen suits, a gang of regular folks (tourists and locals alike) also turned out in trendy casual shorts and fashionable 't'-shirts etched with her image on front.

On one wall a huge portrait of Celine with her bare back turned to the viewer cheekily screamed out to all in attendance.

"Celine's Back!"

A clever eye-catching promotion, eh?

Meanwhile, a host of Celine-lovers were inclined to dash into the souvenir shop next-door to snatch up a bevy of keep-sakes.

There was quite a wide selection of offerings on hand - from pricey "Celine" wristwatches studded with diamonds - to simple gold bracelets affordably-priced for the budget-minded fan!

Of course, there were dozens of CD's  on hand - in both English and French - for die-hard Celine fans to snap up and listen to on the ride back home or to their hotels.

According to the doorman the concert was a sell-out!

Go figure!

Ms. Dion is a popular songbird to reckon with in the industry.