Thursday, June 16, 2011

Charlie Sheen...loser won't have day in court! Arbitration Judge to rule on issues!

Some celebs - Lindsay Lohan, for example - are hauled off to court kicking-and-screaming without too much problem.

Provided Sheriff's are in tow!

Standing before a Judge is not a piece of a cake, though, even for an actor skilled at play-acting.

On occasion, getting the naughty few to appear before a Judge as the frenzied tabloid press jockey for a perch in the gallery on the sidelines, is tantamount to pulling wisdom teeth!

I expect that if Charlie Sheen was hoping to make a big splash on his much-anticipated upcoming day-in-court, that his ego must be a bit deflated now, as the news flashed out of the court environs over the past twenty-four hours.

A judge presiding over his long-awaited lawsuit against Warner Brothers studio just ruled that Charlie may not have the opportunity to litigate his case in open court.


What a pisser, eh?

The legal decision is based on a valid clause in his contract with Warner Brothers which stipulates that an arbitrator must decide how the lawsuit proceeds.

Previously, Sheen vehemently opposed the arbitration route in papers that were lodged with the court in April earlier this year.

Marty Singer, Sheen's attorney, has argued to all within earshot that the recent ruling does not decide whether the case will be heard privately - and so - is bent on obtaining a further ruling that allows for the litigation to proceed in the public forum later this year.

Sheen has alleged in his causes of action that he has a valid claim for damages to the tune of $10 million based on royalties due on reruns and sales of the show (Two and A Half Men).

In addition to the monies alleged due, Sheen is suing on the grounds that he was fired by management with the express aim of punishing him for hospitalizations and attacks on producer Chuck Lorre in high-profile interviews he gave in the wake of being kicked off the lot at Warner Brothers.

Superior Court Judge Allan Goodman, presiding over the legal proceedings, has asked that both parties provide updates on the progress of the arbitration by November 20th (2011).

News at 11!