Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jackie Evancho...PBS Special lacked "essence"! Promising talent on rise!

Music-lovers - and fans of PBS - were treated to a vastly entertaining live! concert by an enormously talented songbird by the name of Jackie Evancho over the weekend.

Armchair critics may recall that the little "Angel" - with the golden tresses - appeared on ever-popular "America's Got Talent" last year and scored a prestigious No. 2 slot with discerning Judges who raved about her stellar talent.

In fact - on the heels of her success - Simon Cowell's Syco Label signed the pretty vocalist to record a debut album which was titled "Dream With Me".

Ms. Evancho truly captivated the audience during the course of the fabulous sold-out concert on PBS on Sunday Night - in part - due to the fact that she demonstrated a range that was quite phenomenal.

In addition, haunting unexpected musical transitions - not only took fans by surprise - but underscored the 11-year-old has been blessed with a God-given gift to reckon with!

Unfortunately, Evancho's handlers have steered the innocent young performer in the wrong direction in many respects and by virtue of the fact that a handful of tunes selected for the concert were beyond her ability to interpret.

For instance, when Evancho attempted to perform  the hit - "Arms of an Angel" - the "essence" (the true meaning) of the song eluded her.

Sometimes, it is important that a poignant tune be sung simply and in a straightforward manner if it is to truly touch!

In this instance case, the number was too over-the-top - and thus - missed its mark.

In fact, on occasion, Evancho sounded like she was warbling with a few marbles in her mouth!

The phrasing was poor, too.

Likewise, when Opera-style singer (by way of the magic of special effects) sang a duet with Barbra Streisand, the end result was a disaster.

Up against a seasoned pro like La Streisand (who was bang on, by the way), Evancho didn't have a chance!

Her vocalization was forced, over-the-top, and devoid of any common sense idea of what the tune was all about!

In the final analysis, Jackie Evancho has a long way to go before she is recognized as a polished professional performer worth her salt on the Concert circuit or in the recording studio.

Sorry, Jackie!


Evancho's PBS Performance lacked "essence"!