Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kate Middleton...copy-Kates hungry for fashion plate ensembles! Hat style up front!

Every since Kate Middleton was thrust into the glare of the spotlight on the heels of the announcement of her initial engagement to Prince William, fashionistas around the globe have been hungry for the Royal Style as seen through the chic eyes of Her Royal Highness.

While some critic focused on the pretty bride's weight up to the 11th hour (obviously Ms. Middleton was slimming to avoid the ring snafu which eventually unfolded anyway in front of the prying eyes of an intrusive press bent on pleasing their loyal frenzied subscribers) others were inclined to scrutinize every delicious detail of her elegant wardrobe selections.

It was only a given - that in due time - a phrase would be coined to designate the chosen few!


According to a titillated press in jolly Old England - across the big pond - Royal Fashion Watchers are now known as Copy-Kates!

Wonders never cease!

And, I expect, that Prince William's famed rambunctious jaunts with his randy young brother - Prince Harry - will rustle up a catchy phrase or two in the future.

How 'bout - Will's thrills?

News at 11!